Joke samyan arh joke samyan why you so creamy. (Bangkok)

This Joke (Congee in Thai) eatery is by far the most famous in Bangkok, the amount of crowd in the morning gather in front of the eatery is the testimony of how famous the shop is.

Like most eatery in Bangkok, Joke Samyan carries out their cooking in front of the shop and open to the view of anyone passing by. This is a way to arrest passer-by attention and pretty well fool proof method to promote and show case the food they are selling.

As I unable to read Thai, I can only look at what other eating and point my way through to order my version of congee. So I order the mixture version of the congee, pork ball, pork live, pig intestine and with egg of course. Now here is what I think about their sinfully wonderful bowl of congee. The congee is piping hot when serve, it is silky creamily smooth the taste is aromatically additive especially added fish sauce into it. The creaminess of the congee is consistent and not a part is watery. Their serving of ingredient is generous too with 4 huge pork balls in my bowl of wonderland, the pork ball is well marinated and has peppery taste, and it is chunky and chewy and is moist inside. The pig liver was surprisingly tender, chewy and does not have powdery bite. And next come to pig intestine, their version of pig intestine is solid springy type and not as big compare to what we usually have in Singapore. And the staff did a pretty good job of wash and cleans up the pig intestine to free from odour, so it will have a weird after taste. The additional of egg enhance the creaminess and smoothness of the congee.

No wonder every time I go back there. The eatery is always surrounded by hungry customer outside the shop waiting for an empty seat, and some even pack to go in bulk.


Hungry customer patiently waiting for empty seat
People just keep streaming in non stop during the morning crowd
Busy staff quickly packing the order in bulk
Piping hot peppery pork ball
The star – creamy smooth congee
The egg in underneath the bowl 🙂
Can you see the pepper on the pork ball?
Pick your choice of condiment to go with the congee
The wonderfully chewy pig intestine
Perfectly cook pig liver
Complementary tea

Name:Joke Samyan
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: 245 ซอยจุฬา 11 ถนนพระราม 4 แขวงวังใหม่ Khwaeng Wang Mai, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 216 4809
Lights on: Daily 0500 – 0900hrs, 1530-2100hrs
Nearest MRT/BTS: MRT Sam Yan (Exit 2 and walk about 6 mins West and right turn)


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