Grumpy chef with super wok hei (essence of wok) fried kway teow (Bangkok)

This is really one interesting and delicious fired kway teow stall, 1st the owner use only a spoon to fried his kway teow, yes he uses a spoon to do it. And 2nd… he is one grumpy and grouchy cook, which from time to time, he will look up and scan around while he frying. Once he spotted someone taking a phot, he will hand gesture to stop them or point to a no photo sign beside him. Not sure why he doesn’t allow people to take photo. Since it is his stall and he wants it the he wants it, we should just quietly sit around for a bowl of delicious freid kway teow or stand round his little flat wok to see him frying the kway teow.

This little makeshift stall is tack inside an ally of China town, which selling fruits and such during day time. And the grumpy owner will move in during evening to occupy the closed shop front and run his business. I usually walk pass most of the stall or eatery in China in the evening, but when I saw many people are sitting around and waiting for something. I think it got to be some food that will arrest your taste bud and turn out didn’t fail me.
It is also a joy to see him fried the kway teow too. He 1st fried the kway teow by using a spoon keep stirring the kway teow till the wok hei release, then he will switch the heavily wok hei kway teow to one side to let it simmer further. Next he will begin to fry other ingredient like egg, chicken meat and cuttlefish. As I eagerly await for my share while seeing others slurping the kway teow like no tomorrow, my taste bud is all in battle position to savour this wonderfully delicious fried kway teow. When my share of a bowl of friend kway teow came to my table, the portion was pretty small like boat noodle size but the aromatic of wok hei attacked my sense of smell viciously.

I quickly snap a few photos before my saliva drip into the bowl, and put my iphone a side to quickly took my 1st bite… … … I am in cloud nine! The wok hei fragrance remind me of those missing good old day wok hei I had back in the 80’s. The essence of wok hei is just perfect, I just seal my lip and not chewy the food to let the wok hei dancing in my mouth. The kway teow is freid to perfection and they are springy and jelly like, the egg is also fried to spongy fluffy with heavenly taste. The chicken slice is tender chewy and the cuttlefish is crunchy chewy tender.
This has to be one of the best fried kway teow in Bangkok with a unique savouring taste, and a grumpy cook too. 🙂

HELLO. no photography hor. Said grumpy chef
Managed to snap a photo of him frying the kway teow with just a spoon
Staff standby bowls for the yummy fried kway teow
Really small portion but damn yummy
Perfectly fried kway teow

Yumminess: 9.8/10
Where: Soi Lat Krabang 5, Lat Krabang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10520, Thailand
Lights on: Daily 18:30-22:30
Nearest MRT/BTS: MRT Hua Lamphong (Exit 1 and walk West into China town)


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