NEW 12 Bangkok to eat list for 2017. PART 2

This is the Part 2 and carefully selected delicious and finger licking good Bangkok food for your viewing pleasure, prepare a bucket if you need to just in case you drool when you are reading those food review. Just kidding, I am also in the process to share more food review from Japan, Bali, Vietnam and more.

Beside food review, I am also going to share some of my traveling too.

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Cheers and have a great eat when you visit Bangkok… again and again. 😛


Here I share with you my PART 2 of 12 Bangkok to eat list for 2017

Utterly interesting & yummy fish maw soup with bee hoon (Bangkok).

Super simple fish curry bee hoon so delicious! (Bangkok)

Fancy type 1, 2, 3 or 4 super drooling curry rice? (Bangkok)

WHOA!!! Chulalongkorn’s “cod fish strips” noodle!!!!! (Bangkok)

Super WOK HEI (“essence” of Wok) fried bee hoon (Bangkok)

Super pork liver satay and super pork satay (Bangkok)

Made in heaven super soft, tender juicy stewed pork tendon noodle (Bangkok)

What? Stand to have coffee/tea on a motorbike and charcoal toasted bread? (Bangkok)

Oh YEAHHHH the legendary beef hot pot (Bangkok)

Super creamy egg custard & Kaya bun! Is so sinfully eggful and drooling. (Bangkok)

Kao Neo Kor Panich, Mango sticky rice endorsed by the Royal! (Bangkok)

Thai Royal family endorsed satay! (Bangkok)


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