Possibly king of min jiang kueh (peanut pancake) in Singapore.

Almost of us grown up with eating one of this for breakfast, and they are non other than peanut pancake. Almost everywhere in Singapore you can find peanut pancake, you can see it in a hawker/food centre, coffee shop or even some heartland mall. Delicious and finger licking good pancake very rare to come by in present day, and this old couple really is one of those rare hawker that take pride in their little humble business.

They served super delicious cuttlefish kang kong  for 20+ year but gave up in recent year cited long hour and getting old. So they decided to go easy with the pace of life to sell food that is easy to prepare. They choose traditional min jiang kueh (peanut pancake) and no turning back for them. Just after a few months into their new trade, Q is starting to forming and is getting longer and longer each time I buy from them.

Each time when they lift the freshly cooked thick and fluffy dough with 1st layer of peanut, just after they dress with the final layer of peanut and cut into pieces. The peanut pancake will be “gone under 60 seconds”, it “perform” much better than Nickolas Cage’s “gone in 60 seconds’. haha.

The peanut pancake aromatic peanut fragrance just burst out from the packaging each I open it out. Each bite you take, is always fluffy moist and soft inside with the super aromatic peanut taste stay in your mouth for a while. The after taste is just super.

A hawker stall used to sell cuttlefish kang kong, but now sell pancake
Lady owner putting heart and soul for a simple pancake
The final dress up before serving to hungry customer
Essence of goodness within
I am drooling now actually

Name : Hua Kee Panckae
Yumminess: 10/10
Where: Block 16 Bedok South Road
Open: Daily except  0600-1230
Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT Then take bus 38 from Bedok Bus interchange, or walk 1km South of MRT


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