Fried noodle with crispy CRISPY egg and seafood. (Bangkok)

The evening China town in Bangkok has evolve in super pace in recent year. This is thanks to the social media, which introduce great food to a great distance. Prepare to Q for yummy food there even at around 8pm.

This road side stall has gaining popularity in recent year. Thanks to their signature dish -> crispy fried egg.

When there, take your Q, staff will take your order while waiting for empty table. She then hand you your order slip, once there is empty table; she will bring you to your table and take away your order slip and pass to kitchen to prepare your order.

Their fried noodle crispy egg comes in few version. I ordered seafood version. All served in hot plate and is REALLY hot and sizzling! So be careful when you eat and don’t come in contact with the hot plate or yourself will get ‘hot’.

A normal food presentation but the taste is what it goes into your permanent memory. Add the chili for the additional favoring, saw many Thai doing it so I followed. The bite of the crispy fried egg is …. yes is crispy crunchy… with the right amount creamy bite inside. The shrimp is chewy fresh and the squid is the star !!! Surprisingly with jelly like chewiness, so soft is like eating creamy jelly.

Ok… What a sizzling dishes, sorry to make you drool over your keyboard. Take your next flight to Bangkok now!

Cant go wrong if you see a super long Q. just just them
Staff busy preparing dishes
the menu
The people just keep pouring even it is 9pm
Sizzling hot plate of crispy egg seafood
Picture the sizzling sound from the hot plate
This chili makes a lot different to the dish

Name : ร้านครัวพรละมัย
Yumminess : 9/10
Where : 64 Plaeng Nam Rd, Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand
Lights on : daily 1800 – 2300 hrs
Nearest BTS/MRT : MRT Hua Lamphong (Exit 1 and walk south about 1km)


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