This super creamy buttery soy bean curd beat Singapore famous soy bean curd hands down (Singapore)

When comes to soy bean curd, most Singaporean will point to a few name which I will not mention here. And I believe I found someone serve the best and ultra silky smooth soy bean curd in Singapore.

They have been in the business for at least 35 years. Located in a hawker food Centre in the East side of Singapore and in a heartland, where people living around the area know this little food stall serving the best soy bean curd.

A little humble bowl of hot soy bean curd serve with old school aluminum spoon. When you look at the silky shiny smooth texture of the soy bean curd, you going to wonder the thought of just another bowl of soy bean curd with gorgeous look; and taste almost just like any other soy Ben curd being sell anywhere in Singapore. But I was wrong! Utterly wrong! The look is just so deceiving!

As I scoop up the 1st spoonful full, I share it a little see are they fluffy jelly soft and amazingly they are! I quickly took the 1at spoon into my mouth… … … It just dissolved instantly. This ultra silky smooth creamy buttery soy bean curd has just enter my must eat book in Singapore!

So… where are they? This little humble hawker stall is in Bedok! Check out the actual location below! Have a soy bean curd day!

The look of the food centre which house many food stall
They serve the best soy bean curd in Singapore in my opinion
Busy stall all morning
Menu and price tag
sinfully delicious soy bean curd
Silky smooth and shiny
Creamy buttery soft soy bean curd

Name : Boon Soy Bean Curd
Yumminess: 10/10
Where: 630 Bedok Reservoir Road Singapore 470630
Open: Daily except  0600-1230
Nearest MRT: Eunos MRT Then take bus 16.


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