Made in heaven super soft, tender juicy stewed pork tendon noodle (Bangkok)

This is one of noodle you die die must eat in Bangkok.

If you like pork and any part of pork. Then you must eat their stewed pork tendon.

The shop is located near the 3 generation chicken rice shop and just in front of the famous “Ghost tower of Sathorn”. The eatery is run be a friendly, chatty and cheerful owner, he will chat with you even it is just a chicken and duck talk.

This eatery was discovered by chance when I was trying to find a way to enter the Sathorn ghost tower to snap some photos, saw the Chinese sign and huge bowl of brown thingy. I asked the owner what was that in a chicken and duck talk manner, after a few exchange of hand sign, google translate. He pointed to his elbow and I wrote “tendon” and translated, huge smile appear on his face!

So I decided to try it. And the rest was history as I never eaten such a yummy stewed pork tendon before. It was was so soft and it almost melt instantly in your mouth, and it must have took him a very long hour to stew the pork tendon to it softness, juiciness and buttery bite. It got to be the best stewed pork tendon in Bangkok. The broth was refreshingly tasty, and the other part of pork was cooked to perfection. Soft, tender and chewy.

I left with a huge smiling face even I unable to enter the heavily barricade Sathorn Ghost Tower. Damn, I am drooling now.


Shop is at the right of CARE DENTAL
Shop at 10am Sunday morning
Simple set with delicious meal
Yellow is for Royal, chef in action
Soup, Bee Hoon, Prok ball, Pork slice, and Heavenly stewed pork tendon
Love the contrast between Stewed pork tendon and other pork
Made in heaven Stewed pork tendon

Yumminess: 9/10
Name : Wandee (วันดี)
Where: Bangkok, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร 10120, Thailand
Lights on: Daily 10:00 – 17:00 hrs
Nearest MRT/BTS : BTS Saphan Taksin (Take exit 4 and walk South about 2 mins)



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