Stealth stall serving springy chewy fish ball noodle (Bangkok)

This is a road side stall operate just outside the radar of China town in the evening. And you won’t even notice the stall during day time, they swiftly come full force to occupy the entire short street during evening; and retreat without a trace after closing hour.

Well known to the local, this is another fish ball noodle you must eat while visiting Bangkok. The stall is run by Thai Chinese which pretty obvious from the name of the stall. They were utter busy cooking the fish ball in few huge pot when i was there. Those few huge pot of quantity tells you the fish ball is really selling like hot cake, and going into customer stomach like speedy bullet.

I was looking for empty seat when I reach there around 7:45pm and 90% of the seat was filled with hungry customer like me patiently waiting for the stall to open at 8pm. I waited around 20 mins for my share of bowl of noodle, and I ordered the dry bee hoon version.

The bowl of humble looking fish ball will catch your eye with the fresh looking fish ball and shiny texture of fish ravioli, the fragrance of the entire bowl of concoction will attack your sense of smell too. I just can’t wait to swing into action to devour the entire bowl.

The fish ball is the main star and you can tell from the texture it hardly have any artificial colouring on it, the bite is springy and little juicy. It is also soft and bouncy, the sliced fish cake is fluffy like butterfly and juicy is well contain within a slice of fish cake. And… the fish ravioli it is to die for! It is really delicious! Springy, chewy soft bite, silly smooth moist skin and the aroma of fish just exploded in your mouth when you bite it.

Lastly, with the concoction of sauces, it elevated the humble bowl of fish ball bee hoon even better.

They swiftly moved into the street and begin to prepare to open
90% seat filled even before opening
Staff waiting for the fish ball to be cooked and the clock to “ding” at 8pm to start cooking.
“ding ding” at 8pm and they swiftly swing into action
Each bowl has 4 fish ball. go guess how many bowl they serve within 3 hrs, they open from 8pm-11pm.
Lovely bowl of fish ball noodle
Love the shiny texture look of the fish ravioli

Yumminess: 8.5/10
Name : Lim Lao Ngow Fish Ball Noodle ลิ้มเหล่าโหงวลูกชิ้นปลา
Where: 645, 1095 Mittraphan Rd, Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand
Lights on: Daily 20:00-23:00 hrs
Nearest MRT/BTS :Hua Lamphong MRT Exit 1 (walk about 800m South West into)


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