Oh YEAHHHH the legendary beef hot pot (Bangkok)

This is the best beef hot pot in Bangkok for a long long time.

It is not difficult to locate the restaurant as they are just under an overhead bridge. It has a 2nd storey sitting and the action happen mostly on the 2nd storey where they busy carrying of hot pot with red hot charcoal in and out.

Pick your choice of meat and beef is the obvious choice, even though they serve pork as well. The juicy raw deep red beef slice on plate looks so appetizing that will entice you to eat it at once, that… if you are a raw beef lover. They have other beef part too if you like mixture of beef part for your hot pot. Broth wise is rich on it 1st taste even before you begin to put those beef in it.

As you progress with your beef hot pot, the charcoal hot pot slowly married the broth and the juicy beef and turn into a heavenly broth at the end. With all the essences in it, you just want the entire broth to yourself and I almost did that when i was there the 2nd time.

At least 5 in the Q waiting for seat
the concoction of beef
marble beef slice
salivary beef slice
Charcoal hot pot is the best
All the goodness inside
Power spicy chili, please standby face towel

Name :Sombunthai, สมบูรณ์ไทย
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Bangkok, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร 10900, Thailand
Tel: +66 81 444 1102
Lights on: Daily 0930~1600hrs, Sat and Sun till 1630hrs
Nearest BTS/MRT: Lat Phrao MRT Exit 2 (Walk 750m West along the road, shop is under an over head bridge)


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