10 Mouthwatering food to eat in Bali… Part 1 of 2 :)

Bali, A place I will a visit yearly and always chill myself in this amazing island. Catching up with friends and devouring amazing food has become my yearly ritual. And I present to you the part 1 of mouthwatering food to eat in Bali. Thanks for reading and please share any comment if you like. Thank you very much!

Humble Mee Siam serving up a kick (Bali)

Falling in love madly with chicken feet soup (Bali)

Spicy hot ayam gonna make you sweat. (Bali)

Indo style super yummy satay (Bali)

Indo style porridge that blow your mind far far (Bali)

Super deep fried fish with bone that can be eaten (Bali)

Spicy Laksa LAKSA Indonesia style! (Bali)

Wonderland Warung (Nasi Padang) (Bali)

The real Naugthy Nuri is in… (Bali)

Boil fish? Fried fish? Just eat both! (Bali)


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