NEW 12 Bangkok to eat list for 2017… Part 1 only.

Finally, after many frequent travel to Bangkok for food, shopping and chill out. I had completed my 1st part of NEW 12 must eat in Bangkok for 2017, with 2nd half brewing slowly and many more to come.

These food I ate they are mostly well known to local and out of radar to foreigner, but I am sure some of the eatery begin to gain awareness. Thanks to the social media explosion to the craving for delicious food by those hungry folks, who keep searching for delicious food and share them to the world.

Please spend some time to read up, share comment if you want to. And please pardon me of my half bucket writing skill, and hope to improve on my writing along the way.

Thank you very much for your viewing. Cheers!!!

(Above feature image is my food map in Bangkok, still have tons of food to eat. Hehe)

Must have China Town Chwee kway with wonderland chye poh (preserved radish) (Bangkok)

Super fresh seafood soup of the world (Bangkok)

No1. Authentic coconut ice cream is in… (Bangkok)

Best of the best Crispy Crepe (Khanom Bueang) Bangkok found! (Bangkok)

Utterly delicious BBQ chicken! Be an early bird to catch it. (Bangkok)

Fancy Thai style popiah? (Bangkok)

This is (&>%~!*£#~ the most delicious pineapple on Bangkok street which will send you into ecstasy!!! (Bangkok)

This little humble wanton noodle stall is the BOMB! and better than Soi 19’s! (Bangkok)

Char siew?! Sausage?! Wow!!! (Bangkok)

Silom old school coffee shop and POWER deep fried snack (Bangkok)

You will be impressed by BKK No 1 fish ball noodle (Bangkok)

3 generation 90 year old chicken rice pack a PUNCH! (Bangkok)


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