Best of the best Crispy Crepe (Khanom Bueang) Bangkok found! (Bangkok)

I am sure you have eaten thai style crepe (thin pancake) everywhere in Bangkok, but have you eaten pancake comes in 2 sizes and stuff with really imported genuine ingredient?  Then you must not miss this crispy crepe.

Just 2 mins walk from the BEST BEST coconut ice cream in Bangkok. This shop is endorsed by the Royal and the royal family is their faithful customer. Run by a friendly old lady, she carry out her baking with 2 huge round pan at shop front. Her crispy crepe comes in small and large version which cost 20Bht and 40Bht respectively, it has the sweet and salty version too. The ingredient as highlighted by her, it comes from Hong Kong where you cant find it anywhere in Bangkok except from her shop.

This crispy Crepe is made of rice flour, shredded coconut, egg etc etc. It is really crispy on the skin and chewy inside with the filling.

So you see, you are eating premium crispy crepe! The taste, the bite, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, and the aromatic smell… heavenly. If you are lucky like me… you may get a small sweet version crispy crepe for free. And she is constantly be invite to event to show case her unique Thai Crispy Crepe.

After 10mins walk… found!
exterior look of the shop.
eat me eat me eat me!!!
Sweet version with filling
Salty version with filling
Her young hey day in media post
With Thai Princess in action
Onwer’s mother.
Owner and Smiley

Name : ร้าน ขนมเบื้องแพร่งนรา (Khanom Bueang Phraeng Nara Restaurant)
Yumminess: 9.9/10
Where: ถนนแพร่งนรา ตรงข้ามธนาคารกรุงเทพ สาขาถนนตะนาว แขวงศาลเจ้าพ่อเสือ (91 Nan Road, Chao Phraya Bangkok, Thailand 10200)
Tel: +66 2 221 9452
Open: Daily 0900-1700

Nearest MRT: Take Uber from Hua Lamphong MRT, or 2 mins walk from coconut ice cream.
(Mostly know about the famous pad thai from Thip Samai, so from below map you can tell the distance between the pad thai and the crispy) crepe shop.


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