Indo style porridge that blow your mind far far (Bali)

Located at a corner of a busy road junction beside a busy local wet market. This little stall serves up a unique blend of porridge keeps me going back for more.

Indonesia version of porridge is starchier than Singapore’s version. A standard bowl of porridge comes with crackers, shredded chicken, peanuts and chicken intestine. To enjoy this bowl of wonder, you need to add mixed fish sauce which will add aroma to it. The porridge is smooth and taste better with the fish sauce on it, the texture of porridge had shown the owner put in much effort to cook up the huge pot of porridge with long hours.

The chicken intestine is chewy and tender, but do not go for it if you weak stomach. This humble little bowl of porridge from this stall is the prime choice of Balinese’s breakfast, so it speaks for itself how yummy this porridge is.

Located just 5 mins walk North of chicken feet soup

Bubur Ayam Khas Jakarta


The sinful fusion


Hungry or not?


Add this “magic” sauce for the kick in the taste.
I call this magic sauce. Why? go try it and you will thank me.

Name: Bubur Ayam Khas Jakarta
Yumminess: 9/10
Whereabouts: Jl. Kuta Square No.124, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Lights on: Daily 24/7


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